Who is the sponsor?

Genentech (Roche), Inc.

Who are the patients?

Individuals with previously untreated wet macular degeneration

How long is the trial?

One year

What is the enrollment goal for the sponsor?

Forty patients

What is this study investigating?

Treatment-naïve (study eye) patients with newly diagnosed neovascular AMD will be evaluated in this study to determine if early treatment will maintain good visual acuity. Future AMD therapy may need to target high-risk individuals prior to disease conversion from dry-AMD to wet-AMD. This study plans to look at 40 patients and see if they are identified early and treated with monthly ranibizumab for one year, can all achieve a vision similar or better to their baseline vision before they developed wet AMD. If all patients are not capable of returning to their pre-AMD vision, there may be a role for earlier therapy.