Upcoming Meetings

California Retina Consultants offers continuing education events for our referral partners,  area optometrists and physicians. To RSVP to any upcoming event, please email our clinical liaison Tamara Banville:  [email protected]


Upcoming Meetings CE Events

Registration Starts at 6:30 pm  and Presentations  Start at 7:00 pm

COPE Approved for 2 Hours Per Event

  • Northern Region CE : April 4th
  • Valencia CE : May 9th

Past Meetings

  • Palmdale CE : May 24th
  • Valencia Open House/CE : May 31st
  • Northern Region CE : June 20th
  • Santa Barbara CE: June 21st
  • San Luis Obispo Open House/CE January 25th
  • Oxnard Open House / CE – March 22nd
  • Paso Robles – Open House/CE event April 27th