Halloween Eye Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner! Every year there are hundreds of costume-related eye injuries that are treated in emergency rooms throughout the United States. What’s even worse is that these injuries are completely avoidable! California Retina Consultants is here to provide eye safety tips for both children and adults on Halloween.

The best place to start is with Halloween costume safety. Avoid costume features that either fully or partially block the vision such as masks, eye patches, wigs, floppy hats, or droopy headpieces. Also try to avoid sharp or pointed costume props such as wands, swords and sticks that may harm other children’s eyes. Finally, avoid costumes that are excessive in length and drag on the ground in order to prevent tripping and falling.

Also, cosmetic contacts have become more popular in Halloween costumes. However without the proper precautions, they can cause various eye conditions such as bacterial infections, conjunctivitis, corneal scratches, and even vision loss. That being said, it is important to never wear cosmetic contacts without a prescription! Also, do not share contacts with others or let others use yours. Finally, when trick-or-treating, be sure to carry a flashlight or lantern to prevent falls or running into hazardous objects in the dark. You can also safeguard your porch and walkway by removing any hazardous obstacles and making sure the area is well lit.

With these simple eye care precautions, everyone can enjoy an eye-safe Halloween!