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Assessment of Comfort Level Following an Intravitreal Injection by 30 or 32 Gauge Needles

The purpose of this study is to determine if a smaller needle size reduces discomfort suffered by patients both during and following intravitreal injections. It is the investigators belief that using a smaller size needle will help patients to be less fearful of intravitreal injections and more amenable to treatment. This study will also evaluate the effect of needle size on post injection intraocular pressure, to see if smaller needles may reduce wound leak and increase the intraocular pressure following injection.

The investigators hypothesize that subject eyes injected with the smaller size needle will result in greater patient comfort both during and after their injection as compared to the eye injected with the larger needle. The investigators objective is to reduce any discomfort felt by patients who receive intravitreal injections. The investigators also hypothesize that the smaller needle will result in higher post injection pressures, and another objective is to determine if this can affect patient comfort and increase the risk of glaucomatous optic nerve damage.

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